Saturday, January 12, 2013

Top 15 Calcium Rich Food

Calcium is very important for body nutrients. If the body is low in calcium, first it affects bones then blood cells. You've seen a lot of people having pain in joints, main reason is their body is low in Calcium. If we concentrate on more calcium intake in our daily food habits, it greatly increases calcium level in our body. Vitamin D is ver important for calcium absorption. Calcium deficiency is more common in women than in men. In the month of menstruation for women, they tend to loose most calcium in the body, and during pregnancy. Here are the top food items rich in calcium.

All of us know Milk is rich in calcium. Especially women, should drink minimum one glass of milk to get necessary nutrients calcium.
Those who do not like milk can opt for Curd/Yogurt.
Among the most popular fish in the Sardine fish, its 33% rich in nutrients calcium. If you eat it once a week, good.
Cheese is one of the very best milk products for women.
Dry Fig is full of important nutrients. Especially for women is the most important nutrient like calcium and iron. It is therefore good to eat every 2-3 pieces.
In addition to milk products, green leafy vegetables, filled with calcium diet. Especially spinach, has greater amounts of calcium and broccoli.
In addition to vitamin E content in almonds, filled with 70-80 percent calcium. Eat atleast 4-5 badams daily to increase calcium in the body.
Shrimp/Prawn has high calcium content. Deep Fry takes away calcium. So keep on low fire, is best to eat.
Tofu/Paneer is a byproduct of milk, so obviously has high calcium content
Vitamin C rich citrus fruits not only one of the oranges, including calcium.
Solomon omega-3 are high calcium rich sea food, so consume this type of fish along with bones.
Oats keeps heart healthy. includes calcium. For the women, it would be a great breakfast.
Arugula, is a kind of spinach categories. It is commonly used in salad. The greens are rich in calcium. It is often better to eat.
Beans are high in calcium, 1/2 cup white cow pea filled has around 100mg of calcium.
Even though Soya Milk is not as rich as regular milk, for an ounce of milk, 300ml calcium is present


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